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2.) About Environmental Science Subject:

Environmental science is related to environmental engineering and environmental research. Environmental science is about understanding the principles of social science and understanding the imaginations, relationships, and policies of people in the environment.

Environmental science has become increasingly important since the 1960s when environmental protection was needed to counter the deterioration of civilization, industrialization, science, and technology. Protecting the necessary environment in the form of environmental science and environmental protection goals will not be achieved.

When recognized by large organizations such as government organizations, non-governmental organizations, and the United Nations, environmental science is considered to be an absolutely necessary condition for the protection of ecological and ecological balance, and it is becoming more and more important. Corporate social responsibility is one of the most important social protection initiatives in the world.

Environmental science includes understanding and solving environmental and environmental issues. Environmental science has several components.

Atmospheric science is an element that focuses on the Earth’s atmosphere. The focus is on the interrelationship between the Earth’s atmosphere and other systems.

Ecology is another study that links the interaction between the environment and the environment.

Environmental Chemistry is another study involved environmental chemistry that studies chemical changes in the environment.

The fourth part is earth science, based on the study of environmental geology and volcanic phenomena in terrestrial environmental science research and crustal evolution.

Planning in the field of environmental science can be defined as one of the pillars of applied biology, chemistry and physics to study environmental issues. Environmental science programs also include testing techniques to control environmental and environmental pollution. Environmental studies include the teaching of physics, biology, chemistry, earth sciences, statistics, climatology, and mathematical models.

An understanding of the Earth and its interrelated levels is important to maintaining a balanced system. Therefore, environmental science is an important factor that has been understood and implemented tomorrow.


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Environmental science has many divisions under it and can be classified as follows:

Environmental Biology

Geology and Soils

Life Sciences

Environmental Law

Land Management

Management of Aquatic Systems

Pollutants and Toxicology

Environmental Biophysics

Boundary-Layer Meteorology

Animal and Plant Taxonomy

Analytical Chemistry

Organic Chemistry

Analytical Maths


Air Pollution Meteorology

Waste Treatment Technology

Population, Resources, and


Environmental Management

Environmental Ethics


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