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An Overview of Reflective Writing:

A reflective article describes an event or experience and then analyzes the meaning of the experience and what you can learn. A reflective article is the author’s analysis of the past events from the present.

Reflective writing requires the author to open up thoughts and emotions, to create a realistic picture of their history, personality and personality characteristics, to have a viable summary and a description of the experience.

The most common topics in the reflection writing are Real experience, imagination, a place or something you have read, seen, touched, tasted or heard.

For beginners, consider some of the important experiences that really affect you in your life, both positive and negative, or both. One of the typical themes of reflection is the real experience, the imaginary experience, the object or place, the person who influences you or what you have seen or read.

If you are writing a thoughtful article as part of an academic exercise, your teacher may ask you to focus on a specific event, such as when you have to make important decisions etc.


How to Write a Reflective Article?

The organization of a reflective writing is very similar to other types of essays. Given below is the brief description of how to write reflective writing:

Introduction section:

Your first paragraph should be an introduction in which you can identify the topic and give the reader an overview of your impressions in the introductory paragraph. You must also include a paper presented as the focus of your article.


Body Section:

1.) In the first paragraph, write down why your subject left a deep impression on you, then write: This is a thought experiment, which means you can speculate.

2.) In the second paragraph of the paragraph, write down the second thing that impressed you about your question, about what happened, and then write the reason.

3.) In the third paragraph of the paragraph, write down the third reason why your subject is impressive, what happened, and then write the reason.


Conclusion Section:

Summarize your paper and the reasons you gave in the paper. Summarize your article and recent reflections on the subject and thoughtful reflections.


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