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Application of PowerPoint Presentation:

PowerPoint presentations are similar to poster presentations. It should be presented in points. Visual aids are often used to share information with large groups, such as in professional meetings, classroom presentations, or conferences.

What should be included in a PowerPoint slide? PowerPoint presentations have three main elements:

Text: Allows you to reinforce your points and keep key terms and concepts in the reader’s mind. Text should hardly appear in blocks but should be organized into easy-to-understand lists of single words or phrases. Includes definitions, key points, signatures or important facts.


Image: Description or highlight your point. Some slides may only require images with a signature to provide an orally rendered image.


Chart or table: Display complex information or clear numbers that are easy to digest.


3.) How to Write for the Presentation?

When writing a PowerPoint presentation, remember below points:

  • Choose a light background for the entire presentation
  • Use simple theme
  • Use the font size visible to all
  • Write in points or bulleted form and use a consistent phrase structure in the powerpoint
  • Only basic information is provided. Use keywords to guide readers/listeners in your presentation
  • Use direct and concise language. Limit the text to a minimum
  • Provide definitions as necessary
  • Use the spacebar to configure text and/or visual elements
  • Make sure each slide is logically pointing to the next slide
  • Use a title for each slide

Do Not:

  • Mess slides and graphics
  • Use complex fonts
  • Add unnecessary information
  • Record every word you want to say
  • If they are distracting, use an image
  • Try high-contrast using a combination of colors that are difficult to read, such as blue


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