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Essay Writing Help

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What is Essay Writing?

An essay is a short piece of work on a topic, usually to get a glance on a subject. Generally, the essay consists of three parts:

Introduction: The reader knows what he is learning and what the topic is about.

Body or Intermediate part: Persuade the reader to accept the author’s specific point of view

Conclusion: The content and results of the topic in a summarized way.

There are many types of essays:

  • Argumentative
  • Descriptive
  • Analytical
  • Exploratory
  • Review etc.

Writing an essay improve your writing skills and educational knowledge. It allows you to practice and develop skills that are important to you not only during your studies but also after you graduate and write professional documents.

The skills include:

  • Read and create notes
  • Critical thinking and analysis
  • Organize ideas
  • Communicate effectively

This encourages you to establish a formal and disciplined approach to writing that communicates in a clear and authoritative manner and gives you the opportunity to discover and consolidate what you are learning.


How to Write an Essay?

One of the first and most critical mistakes the author usually makes is to try to start writing without a plan. If you take the time to organize your ideas, plan and organize it and create a rough document, you can sometimes avoid this problem.

Before writing an essay, consider the following important things:

1.) Detailed Analysis:

Analyze the given topic and make a plan using your ideas. Identify key points that can be included to add additional value.


2.) Build the Thesis Statement:

The thesis statement is the heart of the essay. It contains the main theme of the essay, It groups together various aspects of the topic. So choose the thesis statement is very important.


3.) Data Gathering:

Gather information related to the topic and make notes out of it. Summarize and review the data to include an essay.


4.) Organize Gathered Information:

Now that you have a plan and data with you, structure it to give a complete essay feel.


5.) Write Paragraphs:

Write the body of the essay with all the information gathered by you. The paragraph should have internal cohesion and should be linked logically.


6.) Conclusion:

It includes the whole summary of the essay in short. It should be short and precise and should be able to cover all the contents.


7.) Editing and Proof-Reading:

Once the essay is complete, we have to do proofread once, to correct mistakes if any.


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