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Frequently Asked Questions by our Website Visitors


Q: What services do you provide?
Ans. We provide academic writing services of all kinds. We can help you with homework, assignments, proposals, dissertations, thesis, essays, reviews, projects, presentations, book reports, case studies, article writing etc. We can research right citations and case-studies for you. Our programming experts can help you with coding and programming.

Q: Can your team help me on any topic for my assignment?
Ans. Our team of researchers and writers cover all the topics from all fields of study. They can help you with any topic under the sun. They are experienced and have global exposure. They understand the different grading systems of universities and colleges. They are all eager to see you do well with their help.

Q: How much time does it take to finish an assignment?
Ans. It depends on the type of assignment that is to b submitted. Normally, depending on the specification, an expert can complete an assignment in a few hours of formal submission; on the other hand some assignments need a lot of research work and it may take a few weeks to complete them. Respecting your deadlines, we ensure the delivery of the complete assignments in your inbox much before the date of your formal submissions.

Q: Do you resell the assignments or reports?
Ans. No. Every assignment is unique. It is written as per the specifications provided by the student. The assignments or reports once sent are never-ever used again for any purpose. We respect the trust our clients repose in us and we believe in keeping the dealings confidential. We adhere to our privacy policy. However you can buy journals, reports and other documents you like from the solutions library here.

Q: What is your privacy policy?
Ans. All the information provided by our clients is treated confidentially. The details are never disclosed and the information is never misused. We keep all your personal information like name, email address, phone number etc. strictly confidential as per the terms of our privacy policy here.

Q: I need help but a part of me says it is unethical. Is it wrong?
Ans. There is nothing wrong in seeking academic help. Some students do need help. It could be due to their illnesses, time constraints, unfamiliarity with the teaching system at a new place or the fear of losing a term. We help you achieve academic success and get better grades.

Q: How do I contact you ?
Ans. You can submit/upload your assignment directly through the website or you can call or mail our support staff and they would guide you through the process and would clear all your doubts.

Q: What happens after I make a call or submit an assignment through your website?
Ans. After you call, our team takes over and guides you through the process of submitting your assignment. You can also submit the assignment through the website.
Our team of writers and experts evaluate the assignment and ask for clarifications and additional resources if they feel that’s required. Estimated price is quoted and is sent to you. Although we respect your deadlines, however, If it is not feasible then we may ask for some more time. Once you make the payment, only then do we start working on your assignment. Normally we mail you the completed assignment well before the deadline so that you have time to go through it and get your concerns if any, addressed in time.

Q: Is your work original ? Free from plagiarism ?
Ans. Our internal regulatory policies ensure that every work we do is original and is done as per the specifications demanded by any university. The internal system follows a quality check and inspections are a mandate. Every work is scrutinised for signs of plagiarism. Along with inspectors, we have software that helps us check quality and plagiarism. Our team of writers’, guides and experts understand the value of trust that each one of you puts in us. We are quality providers and that is why we are much sought after by the students globally.

Q: Do you inform the cost of completing the assignment before providing the service ?
Ans. Once we analyse the assignment you submit to us, we evaluate it and send you the quote. In this way you are able to know how much you would be spending. If you are not satisfied with the solutions, we rework on it and sort out the concerns you have at no extra charge within the next 7 days of you receiving the finished assignment.

Q: How can I make sure that my assignment has been understood properly by the experts and tutors and it is on right track ?
Ans. You can mail us the concerns and we will bring writers/tutors into the loop. You can ask him/her about your concerns. You can also ask for an outline of work or topics they would be including and the sequence they would be following. We ensure that the tutors provide you with the outline and other pertinent details for your assignment to be on the right track.
You can mail us or call us anytime to know the status of your assignment. We are there to help you 24 X 7.

Q:What happens if I am not happy with the solution provided by you ? Can I request a rework ?
Ans. If you are not happy we can rework on your assignment. You can request a rework within 7 days following the day you receive completed work from us. We can assign you a different expert writer. If things get complicated and we are unable to help you in spite of us trying every way, we can issue a refund to you.

Q: How do you accept payments?
Ans. We accept payments by Paypal, Western Union, Credit Cards or Debit Cards.
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