How Long Does it Take to Write a Dissertation?

Let us discuss how long will it take to write a dissertation for your academics?


During your academics of any Master’s Program or Ph.D., it’s mandatory to write a dissertation. Your professors and other experts will tell you that dissertation writing is an easy task.

But practically, it’s a time-consuming process and requires more attention to complete perfect writing.

Students have two options to complete this, either decide to write a dissertation themselves or to find services that offer quality dissertation writing help like Top Assignments for All.

In the next part of this article, we will find the various techniques on how to plan to write your dissertation and how long will it take?

Write a Dissertation


What is Dissertation Writing?

A dissertation is an extensive form of writing that requires a lot of research. The word “Dissertate” offers the Latin meaning “to debate”. It is a set of views of an individual on a particular topic.

Simply, a writer can deeply examine the subject and produce his/her view in a different dimension. Moreover, it is an academic investigation of a scholar during his study.

However, it is a pro-piece which exposes the professional proficiency of the individual. While at the time of their interview, this piece of work can play its major role.

Any individual who provides complete ideas on their dissertation will easily impress the employer. So, the path of career aspiration moduled with this work.

Generally, dissertation writing is mandatory for doctorates and other professional scholars. It shows the individual’s mastery over the subject as well as their scholarly ability.

Minimum 3000 words up to 5000 words are the limitation for a dissertation writing. This experience is an utterly new experience for scholars. Without proper research and quality skill writing the dissertation is an impossible one.


What are the Skills You Gain Writing a Dissertation?

Dissertation writing is not so easy as essay writing. The professional outlook and subject knowledge are more important for writing a dissertation.

For a good dissertation, some basic skill requirements are important. Once the individual possesses all these qualities he or she can easily present the best dissertation relating to their profession.

Research skill, Problem-solving attitude, good communication, specialized information, using the numerical skill, and the skill of project management is the most required qualities for writing a dissertation piece.

Commonly, a dissertation is an academic investigation related to all the fields. Engineers, doctors, and doctorate scholars are eligible to write this work. All these professions are crucial and the scholar needs to showcase his prolific proficiency.

Obviously, it is the final work as well as the single thesis will especially exhibit the individual’s academic talent. All these professional courses take more than half a decade to complete.

All these years’ their passion and professional knowledge all possess in this single work.


How Long Will it Take to Write a Dissertation?

There is no prescribed time format to complete the dissertation work. Dissertation writing follows multiple processes. Planning of these processes may differ from individual to individual.

To complete a dissertation within a time, planning and time management are the two things that need to follow. The overall outline will guide to complete the work at the exact timeline.

Just follow the upcoming processes to draft a good dissertation work without any last-minute submission.

1. Planning:

Planning is the right direction to complete the work as early as possible. Before starting the dissertation work, plan the following:

  1. How to select the topic?
  2. What is the central idea of the topic?
  3. How to determine the final conclusion
  4. Presentation.

All the above factors are in an arbitrary way are the questions and its practical workability will answer all these questions. These are the general planning for completing the writing work. Once the writer involves the topic the secondary work of a goal-setting its supremacy.


1.1. Setting a Goal:

The outline of the dissertation can be divided into multiple chapters. Suppose if the introduction part is required, put it under a separate chapter.

Set a time limit for this chapter. Ensure the same method for all chapters until completing your first draft. To keep your writing on track set a time limitation for each chapter.

Just plan it through your regular calendar. Get sound advice from seniors and wards on how to spend time on each section. They may know which part takes more time as well as less.


1.2. Start Writing Your First Draft:

Once the writer has a flawless idea and the perfect plan he can instantly start to write. Some people started to write after the completion of thorough research.

Other people parallelly doing both research and writing. But I prefer complete research then only start to write.

Because both the writing as well as research may easily deviate the writer from his/her central idea.

The incoherent way of presentation will spoil your total work. So, be aware of this section and start your writing without any stuck.


2. Schedule Your Work:

Schedule your writing work in a fixed manner. If you want to spend three hours of a day for writing follow it without any give-up. Kindly remember the submission date for your writing and then plan this schedule.

This idea will boost the writer to stick on his schedule until the completion of the dissertation. Spend a separate time for the correction.

Obviously, correction is inevitable in writing whenever it required without any second opinion draft them again. Give your copies for friends and seniors for further corrections.


2.1. Spend Time to Collect Materials:

While scheduling the time for the dissertation working on the material collection will grab more time than any other working process. The collection of the material varies from individual to individual according to their profession.

The science and art disciplines are mainly required texts and more library sources. Engineering and medical fields also require the same but the easy availability of the Internet ease this work.

Case study and other people’s dissertations all are available on the Internet. So, the material collection is too easy.


2.2. Create a Worksheet:

Plan a worksheet that comprises your weekly work in a graph or chart way of portrayal. This chart needs to have your wake up time to until your sleeping hours.

Try to track each of the section work and its time consumption. For example, how many hours of time taken for the completion of the introduction and the duration for the correction all get it systematic consideration.

A keen and perfect outlook of work obviously depends upon this worksheet. So, try to follow without any skip.


3. Write a Dissertation:

Dissertation writing is certainly a time-consuming process. There is more hard work required to get the best outcome.  Planning a work process, gathering the material all are the initial process.

But the actual work of writing is a complex one. Some people may struggle at their initiation and other people may not able to present the ideas in a perfect flow.

For them, frequent corrections and adequate drafting is the only helping source. Mere drafting will not offer the best result, so correction from experts will offer sound advice on this work.


3.1. Write a Draft First:

Actually, the first drafting of the dissertation is shivering work. Many of the people just write the initial section and simply scribble them. Again start to write and again striking the idea.

To ease this process try to write there are more drafts related to the dissertation section. For fast completion just maintain your dissertation journal.

As per the work and the map will easily showcase your work process. And which sections really tough to you just compensate the time with your fast completing dissertation section.


3.2. Seek Advice from Experts:

For the initial corrections, friends, neighbors, and elders are enough to read and give more suggestions. It may preferable for an essay writing and mini-project but a dissertation needs to get advice from the professional experts before its submission.

They will easily cope up with the professional boundaries is the advantage of expert’s advice. To present the best outcome and the clear idea are possible only if you get into the clear idea of professional people.


Benefits of Writing Dissertation:

A dissertation is an academic task for the graduate who is pursuing a higher academic grade. At the time of dissertation writing, the writer can cover various outlooks related to the topic.

Through this dissertation writing professional idea, academic knowledge of an individual, and the hard work enduration to complete the project all are easily analyzing one. The skill development, responsibility as a professional, and self-interest all are the general benefits.


1. Developing Skills:

Through this dissertation work, the writer can present his/her deep research to his fellow beings and the professors. At the time of the interview, the employer can overlook and ask a question from this topic.

Indeed, working on the dissertation will improve the subject knowledge, analytical skill, and cognitive abilities. The time management and time keep up are the quality skills easily develop through dissertation writing.


2. Satisfaction in Your Career:

To become a successful professional having sound knowledge in your field is a very essential one. While doing research on your favorite topic offer the best satisfaction and improvisation of self-confidence are the influential factors.

Without career satisfaction, no people can get success. For this consideration the exploring the career boundaries is possible with this dissertation writing.


3. Pursuing Interests:

Studying professional has the freedom to choose their dissertation topic by themselves. So, the self-interest and motivation for writing is not a hurdle.

The wide knowledge on the specific topic and the submission of the work set some spark on the upcoming students too. This work requires more dedication. So, career inspiration and pursuing their professional career is easy for all.



Writing a dissertation is certainly a long process. Some people complete them within a short span other people will take a year. But the proper planning and mapping of your work will ease your work.

There is no clumsiness and topic deviations occur in your writing.  Plan your central idea and search the topic and its relevant ideas as you can. Then there is no chance of time delay.

However, if you follow these above-mentioned guidelines to write a dissertation will not be a tough task. Hope this article will be the answer to your question How long does it take to write a dissertation?

Time is not a barrier to complete your work. Even if you have a short span of time don’t worry just follow these guidelines and put some hard work its enough for your success track

Start your dissertation!!!


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